As you may know, Dr. Dave sponsors the annual First Night fireworks display 12/31 at 9 pm every year the weather cooperates (God willing and the wind don’t rise).  He is also available for private fireworks displays.  Want something out of the ordinary when you present that engagement ring or celebrate a 20 year anniversary?  Consider a small volley of fireworks.  You will need to have a suitable venue for aerial shells, but we can tailor the display to tighter locations using “proximity grade” pyrotechnics.  Considerable advance notice is required, due to the permitting process.  We do not have a General License or an ATF license, so no fireworks can be stored on-site.  Dave works for Wolverine Fireworks, who provide the licensing, storage, and insurance.  About the smallest show worth doing is $500, and a nice 10 minute show can be done for around $2000.  You can also get 2 minutes of absolute insanity for $2000.  We put on the Discovery Bay July 3rd fireworks in years past.  That one is about the biggest show we can shoot, given our staff limitations; it was 3″ and 4″ shells in recent years.  If you’re looking to get some pyro experience to obtain your license, we can put you on crew as well as hook you up with other shows needing staff, and help you find training courses.  The Northwest Pyrotechnics Association  is another resource for training and shoot experience, though most of their events are on the Seattle side of the water.  Here’s a photo from the 2013 Port Angeles July 4th show–this was Dave’s biggest show to date as lead pyro, although he’s worked on much larger shows back in the days when Port Townsend had money for fireworks, and in Seattle.  (Dave was lead pyro on the Port Angeles show, but the show was put together by another company.  Thanks to all my crew–Steve, Steve, Mark, RC, Justin, Bill, Gregg, Ellen, and my chief assistant Susan.)

NEWS FLASH — Port Townsend will have fireworks this Independence Day after two years without them.  Dr. Dave and crew will be firing the show, which is anticipated to last about 17 minutes.  The location will be the beach a Fort Worden from (in prior years, barges have been used, but the cost is prohibitive unless the barge and tug are donated).  Port Townsend Paper Company and our office are 2/3 and 1/3 financial sponsors, respectively, and the show will be part of all day festivities at the Fort.