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Port Townsend Dock

David T. Chuljian, DDS

Comprehensive Family Dentistry, Port Townsend

Welcome to the office of David T. Chuljian, located across from the Post Office above the Keystone Ferry Terminal. The practice was opened in 1947 by G. T. “Chuck” Chuljian, with son Dave taking over in 1990, making it one of Port Townsend’s oldest family-owned businesses. We provide quality dental care in a relaxed setting, with one of the best views in town, particularly during the annual Wooden Boat Festival.

Red Alert! Urgent Tomato Plant Recall!

July 28, 2014

OK, make that a Green Alert!  since most of you won’t have ripe tomatoes yet.  In May and June, I gave out a bunch of tomato plants to well-behaved patients, under the impression that they were cherry tomato plants.  Those of you who have tried to grow tomatoes in this climate will realize why I did this, since a lot of tomato varieties won’t ripen before first frost.  Continue reading “Red Alert! Urgent Tomato Plant Recall!” »

Breaking News! Dr. Dave is on Twitter!

June 10, 2014

Actually, he’s not–that would be too 21st century for a Luddite like Dave.  However, we have finally gotten around to opening a Facebook page for the office.  I haven’t been able to get this blog to accept links recently, but you can find us at  So far we’re underwhelmed with likes, but would love to get our patients on board.  Dave promises not to put out stuff more often than once a week or so.  At some point we’ll probably give away a free root canal or something to encourage people to like us.  Maybe not a root canal, people don’t seem to like them much . . .

Periodontal Treatment and Systemic Health

May 22, 2014

As those of you who have seen my car’s rear bumper sticker may know, there is evidence that gum disease can shorten your lifespan.  This has been going back and forth–yes, gum disease has noticeable systemic effects; no, that research was flawed and it doesn’t–for several years.  There is now a fairlygood study that seems to indicate that yes, gum disease makes diabetes worse.  Specifically, treating gum disease in diabetics resulted in fewer medical complications, with evidence significant at the 95% confidence level.  There was also weak evidence that uncontrolled gum disease makes arthritis worse, but this was not statistically significant.  At any rate, it now appears my bumper sticker, “Gum disease can kill more than your smile” is accurate.  For details on the study, see this URL:

New Adult Toy Box

May 19, 2014

No, we’re not giving out “adult toys” to good patients.  (They might do that in California, or maybe Las Vegas, but not in Port Townsend.)  The Toy Box referred to is the greenhouse just east of the office. Dave has taken up gardening in recent years, building the greenhouse last fall.  Now that he finally  has a greenhouse, he decided to grow tomato plants from seed.  He wound up with something like 100 tomato plants and 25 cucumber starts.  While they last, he’s giving them away to adult patients who can provide them with good, sunny homes.  Heck, kids are eligible too if they’re into gardening.  They are mostly cherry tomatoes, which do better here, and lemon cucumbers.  This fall he hopes to put vegetables in the Toy Box, for patients to eat 30 minutes after their fluoride applications.

Good news–it’s safe to have a cardiac event here

February 17, 2014

On February 15th, Dr. Dave successfully passed his ACLS recertification test.  This means it’s safe to have a Cardiac Arrest, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, or Acute Coronary Syndrome in our office once again.  Dave is just itching to try out his recently honed intraosseous IV technique, and the batteries on the AED are all charged up.  He’s never actually done any of it in real life, however, so maybe you don’t want to be his first victim.  The office staff also have a bet going that if someone does have a heart attack here, Dave will probably have a stroke from the excitement . . . you can share the ambulance ride with him and save a few bucks!