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Port Townsend Dock

David T. Chuljian, DDS

Comprehensive Family Dentistry, Port Townsend

Welcome to the office of David T. Chuljian, located across from the Post Office above the Keystone Ferry Terminal. The practice was opened in 1947 by G. T. “Chuck” Chuljian, with son Dave taking over in 1990, making it one of Port Townsend’s oldest family-owned businesses. We provide quality dental care in a relaxed setting, with one of the best views in town, particularly during the annual Wooden Boat Festival.

Update on Antibiotics and Artificial Joints

October 14, 2015

In the past 16 months, I have attended three pharmacology courses which discussed the common practice of taking antibiotics before dental care in patients with prosthetic joints.  The upshot of all three courses has been that the science is in, this is a bad idea, and we should stop doing it.  For a detailed history of the situation, see this paper:  joint premeds 2015   Starting in 2016, we will no longer be prescribing premeds for most joint patients.  If you still want to take them against medical advice, you will need to get your orthopedic surgeon to prescribe them for you.  Be sure to let us know you’ve taken them, in case we prescribe anything that might interact.  Given how often we’ve changed our mind on this, I can’t blame anyone for wondering if we really know what the heck we’re talking about.

Fireworks show, actual vs. the hype

May 29, 2015

There’s nothing like seeing your name in print to get your attention. I noticed two glowing references to my pyrotechnics expertise in last week’s paper–they were so glowing, in fact, that I expected to find ATF agents at my door before the week was out. (So far, nothing–the NSA must not follow the Leader.) At any rate, I would like to set the record straight about what to expect on July 4th.  The pdf link below is what I wanted the Leader to print.  But it’s too long for a letter, and they wouldn’t allow a website link in a shortened version.  Rather than pay to take out an ad correcting the misinformation, I’m hoping a few folks will read this and pass it on.  There will be a show, but it’s not going to be a hand-crafted extravaganza–which wouldn’t be legal anyway.  Here’s the scoop:  Leader

Rhody Festival in less than two weeks!

May 4, 2015

Once again, there will be a cake picnic. Here’s an invitation to all our patients, or anybody else who will be in town, to cakeattend and have a slice. It’ll be good for business, so our office has made a donation towards the event. It’s after the parade, down by the Salish Sea sculpture (a.k.a. the giant lock-washer). Hope to see you there, and don’t bother to brush and floss afterwards–this one is fat- and sugar-free!

It’s spring, when the heart turns to thoughts of tomato plants

April 27, 2015

Yep, it’s gardening season. This year we are continuing the old dental tradition of giving tomato plants to patients in the month of May. For details, see our Facebook page ( This offer is open to all regular patients, limited to stock on hand. Currently, we have Oregon Spring, Stupice, and Manitoba, with Gold Nugget cherry plants a few weeks away. No guarantee that the tomatoes will get ripe, but the price is right.

Newly Sensitive Teeth?

August 11, 2014

While a single area becoming hot/cold sensitive usually indicates decay or a cracked tooth/filling, generalized temperature sensitivity is more likely to be the result of exposing your teeth to acid.  Ever suck on a lime or lemon, then notice your front teeth are sensitive for a few days?  (By the way, this is really bad for your teeth, so please don’t do it as an experiment.)  That’s from the citric acid in the lemon.  Other foods that are acidic include tomatoes, citrus fruits in general, soft drinks, and vinegar-based salad dressing.  Continue reading “Newly Sensitive Teeth?” »