As a new patient in our practice, you can speed things up by filling out the paperwork in advance.  We do not have online form capability, but you can fill out the registration form pdf file on your computer and then print it out. The rest of us Luddites just print out the forms and fill them in with pen and ink.

Everyone should do the first two, the Registration Form and the Health History Form.  The next three (PP2015, EXPL2015 and ACK2015)  should NOT necessarily be printed.  Please read these, but don’t waste paper and ink making copies.  The Notice of Privacy Practices (PP)  in particular is legal boilerplate and pretty much parrots federal and state law requirements.  We’ll have a copy of the Acknowledgement (ACK) for you to sign in the office, along with the Privacy Explanation (EXPL)  on the flip side, so don’t print those now.  Finally, the Request for Release of Records applies if you have recent X-rays you wish transferred to our office, or if you wish us to forward your records to another office—it’s two forms in one, you just print the pages you need.

To encourage people to fill out the paperwork in advance, we offer a $7 discount for showing up with the paperwork completed.  Use the money to buy coffee and pastry at the Courtyard Café .  Dave recommends the chocolate chip cookies—they may cause cavities, but what good are teeth if you can’t sink them into a good cookie?