There’s nothing like seeing your name in print to get your attention. I noticed two glowing references to my pyrotechnics expertise in last week’s paper–they were so glowing, in fact, that I expected to find ATF agents at my door before the week was out. (So far, nothing–the NSA must not follow the Leader.) At any rate, I would like to set the record straight about what to expect on July 4th.  The pdf link below is what I wanted the Leader to print.  But it’s too long for a letter, and they wouldn’t allow a website link in a shortened version.  Rather than pay to take out an ad correcting the misinformation, I’m hoping a few folks will read this and pass it on.  There will be a show, but it’s not going to be a hand-crafted extravaganza–which wouldn’t be legal anyway.  Here’s the scoop:  Leader