Outside of the office, Dr. Dave used to be known as a fanatical surfer and windsurfer, but the water around here has gotten too cold, and he’s gotten too old and decrepit. His new obsession is 84 acres of forest land out in Chimacum. He spends evenings and weekends thinning out the smaller trees, cutting brambles, pulling up Scotch Broom, watering his baby trees, and injuring himself with sharp and/or heavy objects. Besides root canals, he likes setting off fireworks, and puts on the New Year’s Eve Port Townsend display. He shares his home with four very noisy and messy parrots from a bird rescue shelter.


Candace has been around since–well, we’re not sure, but we think she started here before Nixon was president. At least 20 years, anyway. She has a collection of dinosaur teeth which she claims to have personally extracted, although we think she stole them from the Jurassic Park set. She has two kids just out of college, who have moved back in with her, so she works five days a week, and would work weekends too if she could figure out how to turn off the alarm system. The high point of her day is buying morning coffee, which she reheats ever couple of hours, but never has time to drink.


Kris is our front office person, and has been with the practice since 1987. Her husband Lee is the Port Hadlock Postmaster, and she has three grown children who still keep her busy. although there are no grand children yet. With the kids out of the house, she and Lee plan to travel one of these days, although we’re hoping she keeps working a few more years yet.  She’s usually here Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Dana started working here in the fall of 2002–as she says, everyone’s entitled to one mistake. To those who ask if those brilliant white teeth are really hers, the answer is here revealed–she has dentures. Actually, she uses tooth-whitening bleach by the case, one of the perks of working here. She and her husband Brad have two boys, Jacob and Jackson, who keep her busy outside office hours.
 Stephanie is our newest assistant, joining the practice officially on September 1, 2012, although she has worked here covering sick days and vacations for the past few years.  She interned here during her dental assistant training, and worked in Sequim for awhile before seeing the light and coming back to our office.  She has three children that keep her busy when we let her out for the day.  Stephanie also works Mondays as a receptionist/assistant, so you will sometimes talk to her when you call to schedule an appointment.


Bonnie joined the office in 2006, sharing the front desk job with Kris. She moved to the Seattle area in late 2011, but still comes back to work as a substitute occasionally.  She’s known for her sarcastic wit, which seems to be lost on dental insurance claims adjudicators.


Molly is the parrot who comes to the office most Fridays, although occasionally we bring Nondi or Sprocket. She is an African Gray, like the famous Alex, except that she doesn’t talk. She can imitate an amazing variety of sounds, including a dental drill, microwave oven, dog, cat, chickadee. She likes to have you sit close to the cage and talk intently to her–doesn‘t have to be English. Our Amazon, Baby, is now living in Sequim with his buddy Cooper. His new owners include a girl with long blond hair, and he’s very happy there, but we miss him.For those contemplating parrot ownership, please read this information first.